Monday, February 12, 2007

Victor L. Perna & His Combo - The Sound of Today (19??)

After this and last week's post, I wouldn't be surprised if some of you thought that my blog had been hijacked (as unfortunately happened to music blogger Hans Zun recently), but the fact is I'm trying to stretch your musical horizons a little. I like ALL kinds of music including cheesy, Italian, organ combos who perform cover versions of I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman, Hava Nagillah, and I'm A Believer--I hope you do as well. Hence this week's post. Also, I was certain that this one hasn't been posted on any other blog.

I can't really tell you much about Victor or his combo--I believe they came from Milan originrally (at least they are referred to on other releases as Victor Perna & His Milan Combo). The band members are as follows Victor L. Perna (Trumpet-Vocalist), Misino Mussi (Piano-Organ), Franco Dillena (Bass-Vocalist), and Dario Montaldo (Drums-Vocalist). The record was a thrift store find and is a private press release (no label name on the label and no back cover). It was also pretty damn scratchy. Usually I try to remove all the major clicks and pops (a time consuming process that involves going over each song second by second to locate obvious noise) but I kind of gave up on that process pretty quickly with this one--I did remove most of the major clicks and pops but it's still pretty noisy. Also, I recorded this one the first time I listened to it and recorded it in stereo before realizing that it was a mono recording, so you have it here in fake stereo. Finally, because of the sound quality I only encoded it at 192k.

Never fear, there are some fine 60s & 70s pop and psych records in the pipeline (including Dorothy Carter, Michael Styers, the Last Words, the Orange Groove, Trini Lopez, and a truly incredible private press moog-psych outing from Baltimore circa 1976 that I'm willing to bet you haven't heard before).
The music has been reposted (again) HERE


Anonymous said...

i run littlexsparkee, thanks for putting up my link!
great blog by the way :D

ALEX said...

We're waiting for the moog-psych!We're dreaming of it!Go Max! Thanks, ALEX.

Max said...

I was hoping to wait until I got the grounding problem on my preamp fixed before posting that moog record (entitled One Man Bands with one side each by Tony George & Joe Clark)--as it is now I have to isolate the grounding frequency and remove it from the rip, which can subtly affect the sound. As for the other items I mentioned I just discovered that you can purchase any Trini Lopez CD directly from the man himself for $25 a pop so I'm not posting that & the Orange Groove record I have has 1 unplayable track--I may still post it without the crappy version of Crystal Blue Persuasion but probably not soon

Pastor McPurvis said...

I've got the same Victor Perna album but mine has a different cover! I love the cover of I'm a believer - especially the lame bass (I think) solo. Great pick!

Pastor McPurvis

Anonymous said...

This is such a great find for you! Believe it or not but Misino Mussi is my father, Dario Montaldo is my Godfather and Victor was like an uncle to me until his recent death.
I am so excited to find this on the internet. I never got to see every album my father had put out in his life so i want to thank you for this!!!

If you have any other fun things like this with any of these men, let me

Thank you!

Max said...

Hi Ms. Mussi,
This is the only release I have from Victor or your father. I also got an email recently from him. Glad to share this with some new listeners.

Anonymous said...

Hi Max,
Would it be possible to place a new link?
This record is nowhere else to find on the blog!

Max said...

It's been reposted--enjoy!