Thursday, April 19, 2007

Gordon Alexander - Gordon's Buster (1968)

Filling another request here, also from an artist who appeared on the Mystic Males compilation (which, BTW, I highly recommend).
The record was produced by Curt Boettcher (around the same time as the Millennium Begin lp) and Sonny Knight, and fans of Boettcher's brand of California psych-pop will find a lot to savor here. The band is excellent and includes 5 members of the Music Machine and a long list of session plays and guests such as guitarist Al Casey, tenor player Plas Johnson, and Lee Mallory of The Millennium.
As for Gordon, he's a decent singer even if he pops his P's. His songs are good too--all very trippy. I commented recently that J. P. Rags' lyrics (and especially his spoken word pieces) seemed silly. Alexander's could be confused as being silly as well but they're not, they're psychedelic, and probably made perfect sense given the proper state of mind. Here's an example from Thinking in Indian Again:
How is your bind bending, how is your mind bending
I like to fly using my middle eye on a beam to the end of my brain.
I hope you can see the difference.
Side 1
1. Looking for the Sun
2. Letter to Baba
3. Topanga
4. Autumn Is a Bummer
5. A Bunch of Us Were Sitting Around a Candle in San Fransisco Getting Stoned and I Hope You're There Next Time
6. Waiting for the Time
Side 2
7. Thinking in Indian Again
8. Pupper Theatre 23
9. One Real Spins Free
10. Windy Wednesday
11. Miss Mary
Get the music here.


Iain said...

This is a damn fine album....many thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

hi there thks for this blog good job
i have a request
have you the band name maxfield parrish - 1972
maybe you can share it
thks you

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks a zillio for that Gordon Alexander one. Wicked and slick psych!

Thanks for keepin' my good "rolling"

A Chief of NOLA

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice comments. Really, my favorite record of all time!
Gordon Alexander

Max said...

I'm glad people are enjoying this one. And if that last post is from the Gordon Alexander who made this record (and not someone else by that name or someone else entirely), then thank you for an excellent record that deserves more attention!

ge said...

So I am not the only one on earth who knows & loves this record??
--people, i even paid rec. studio time years ago to burn a copy from my vinyl...Timeless yet a time-capsule, unique, spiritual, Sagittarian, smartly-lyric'd, fun, wild, slick but strange-- Release this legitimately, someone, & while you're at it let the man make a follow-up!

ge said...

--plus no song over 3:00! [a couple under 2:00]
All = a winning formula to these tastes. This was very much a sneaker-up-on-you album, bought it the year it came out, it took a friend visiting in the 70s who got hooked on cut 1 for me to really dig how special it might be.
Wow!! Here's wagering that is GA posting= too cool;
who else'd be accepting compliments?--unless we got a card who happens to have the same moniker, lewinsky. beautiful shit all round

tribblehunter said...

Thanks for this Max, I love these old vinyl treasures!

topangahopetodiegreenongreen said...

Gordon and Tish,
You've been on my mind...please respond to this blog so we can reconnect. Still in touch with Taj and he told me we lost sad!
Tried to find you on myspace but not there.
I'm in the SF phone book under M and last name, no address. Phone # the same if you still have one for me.
Glad to see there are real smart folks around who know what you're worth...
xoxo peace,
Mary Lynn

topangahopetodiegreenongreen said...

Gordon, I've done this 3 times...can't figure it out..I'm such a blond, still...Miss you and Tish...please answer this blog so we can reconnect...Taj says we lost very sad...I'm in SF info under M and last name, no still the same though...if you still have it...
Mary Lynn

Scott said...

I'm Chris Alexander your long lost grandson, son of Scott Alexander, born 7/2/1962, which was a Wednesday, of whom track 10 was written about, you can email me at

i would really like to hear back.

Scott said...

I'm Scott long lost SON of Gordon Alexandeer. I see junior has figured out how to do Google searches. Smart kid... takes after dad!

flying.phoenix said...

Scott, long lost DAUGHTER of Gordon Alexander (isn't this fun?) and I have been trying to find you for years! I really want to connect with you! Email -


Richard said...

Gordon, I hoped you would have a Web site. That is so cool. Rather than keep playing phone tag with you, I will communicate with you quicker this way. I am going to send you my CD. I am selling them for $20 + $5 for shipping. This morning was really cool. I take the casual commute to SF to my job from North Berkeley and showed the driver my CD and he put it in his CD player and we listened to it. It sounded good! Then he asked me how many I have sold and I said about 12. He then said that he wanted to buy the one we were listening to. I'll try calling you again. Like I said, the best time to reach me is 9:30pm. My email address is:

Peace and Love,


Richard said...


I've been reading the great comments about your 1968 album. Why didn't you become successfull??

I am going to change that. On my next CD, I am going to record "Looking For the Sun" and "We Started Out Together", maybe "Waiting For the Time" and I am going to make them hit songs. Let's just say that I am assiduously working on our retirement pensions, as it were. I have sold about 13 CDs.

Email me at either or The gmail is by far more reliable and accessible. Yahoo sucks. I will also try calling you again. Call me around 9:30pm. I'm generally home then practicing guitar or just relaxing.


zappahead said...

Very refreshing to listen to this album...excellent stuff and much obliged...thanks for sharing.

bryan said...

iam old freind and neighbor of gordan and tish in venice during the late sixties. moved back east to n.y. and lost contact.hung out and played music with gordon,steve mattson,desaree,ron long and maureen(my wife at the time)at kevins (my uncle) place on west washington blvd. can someone let me know what became of any of those folks. thanx bryan nicholson beachbrayne@aol

Penny Nichols said...

Do you know where Gordon or his family are?

Penny Nichols said...

Scott: I'm trying to reach family of Gordon Alexander regarding some of his songs. Could you contact me through
Thank you, Penny Nichols