Saturday, April 28, 2007

Happy Feeling - Happy Feeling (1970)

It's been a busy week so I wasn't able to get one of my own rips up & this record was requested some time ago, so here is the self-titled debut (and only album) of Happy Feeling. It's really fine sunshiney, good-time pop music. Unfortunately I don't have a cover shot for the album so instead you get a picture of the band (w/ roadies) in front of their tour bus--but I bet you figured that out already. I also can't supply much info about the band--they're probably best remembered for contributing a member to April Wine. I guess it was one of these guys: Jim Aiello (Vocals), Dan Ferguson (Guitar), Gordie Moffat (Organ), Gerry Mudry (Drums), Bob Wagner (Guitar/Bass), Bob Moffatt (Guitar) .

Here's the track list:
Hey, Little Man ... (2:26)
Still Hill ... (2:38)
Good Neighbor Day ... (3:11)
Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide ... (3:23)
London Towne ... (2:39)
See What I Mean? ... (2:52)
Happy Feeling ... (2:54)
Keep Pushin' ... (2:34)
Walk With Life ... (1:54)
I've Got to Get Away ... (2:52)
Sacroiliac Boop ... (2:12)
If There's a Thought ... (1:48)

As I mentioned it's not my rip (& I no longer know who's rip it was--but thanks) & it does have a bit of noise/clicks--still it's well worth a listen.

NO LONGER AVAILABLE - CD coming soon (see comments).


ABEL said...

Hola amigo;desde hace tiempo ando buscando discos de "THE CATS"pero no encuentro.Podras ayudarme?,el album que mas me gusta es "AGLOW",pero cualquiera me vendria bien.Tambien busco discos de HUBERT VON GOISERN,por lo que puedas ayudarme MUCHAS GRACIAS

Anonymous said...

Excuse me ! Could you check it .the link's invalid.

Max said...

Link works for me & has been accessed 45 times.

As for the Cats Aglow album, it has been issued on CD (in the Netherlands) so I won't post it here but you should be able to find it--google "cats" +"Aglow"


jim kosmicki said...

I can't figure out who's the member who went to April Wine -- there's a Moffat in April Wine, but with a different name and playing guitar. Who is it?

by the way -- I really like this one -- I can tell why it never broke out -- there's nothing "WOW" going on, but overall it's a fun listen.

jim kosmicki said...

I should have said that the Moffat in April Wine who played guitar is named Gary Moffat, not Bob or Gordie.

Max said...

I believe Gordie is Gary--another band list (from the Dreams, Fantasie & Nightmares book) lists Gary but not Gordie. Also I think he plays guitar as well as organ. Sorry for any confusion but glad you like the record.

!vinyjunkie! said...

Altho Dreams, Fantasies & Nightmares is a good tome it does contain a lot of mistakes & misinformation.
Gordie Moffatt (organ) Happy Feeling.........
Gary Moffet (guitar) Pops Merrily & April Wine
Without actually d/ling the album I believe this would be a rip I did a few years ago. Like alot of bands from Weatern Canada (Wes Dakus, Willie & The Walkers) they recorded this down south at Norman Petty's studios.

Max said...

So it was only his brother who was in April Wine? I think this may have been you rip--I know when I a regular at Soulseek I dled from you fairly often. Thanks!

Shawn Nagy said...

Happy Feeling's material will be released on legit CD by the Super Oldies label soon (so please remove the link!). See to for a tour of the Norman Petty Studio where the group recorded. They reunited in October 2006 for the "Alberta R&R Reunion" and sounded as good as ever!

dadfred said...

Thank you!

Gerry said...

I saw them play more than a few times and partied with those guys 40 years ago. I remember sleeping overnight in the bus when I was too drunk to go anywhere else. Quite comfortable as I recall.
Somewhere out there may exist a video of the song "Still Hill".
That would be a rare find if any copy still exists. Love to see it

Anonymous said... features "HAPPY FEELING" on "From Canada To Clovis" released April 2011.

Anonymous said...

A great canadian band that played at our schools dances back in the late 60's Wr. Meyers Taber AB. Had a great time with them. Party on. No groups left out there any more that compare!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm Dan Ferguson, one of the oldies from "Happy Feeling". None of us went to April Wine but we're still all ALIVE and kickin'. Thanks for the interest.

Anonymous said...

This is a live TV performance from about 1972:

Anonymous said...

Legit CD of HAPPY FEELING now available, although a very Ltd Edition pressing:

Released Aug 2014.