Friday, May 04, 2007

Dick Rosmini - A Genuine Rosmini (1969)

A busy week = a short post.

Dick Rosmini was a 60s guitar genius --if he's not as well remembered as John Fahey or Sandy Bull it's probably because he preferred poppier material and full orchestral arraignments. He put out a couple records under his own name & added guitar to a number of others before switching careers to become a professional photographer. Check this discography for more detailed info. He even sings on this, his 2nd record.

Rosmini's earlier Adventures For 12 String, 6 String and Banjo record was posted a little while ago on the excellent Grown So Ugly blog.

Here's a tracklist:

Side A
1. Paradise Thursday
2. The Fool On The Hill
3. Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind
4. Licks For Sale
5. Trains And Boats And Planes
6. El Funko
Side B
7. Let's Go Get Stoned
8. The Duchess
9. People Got To Be Free
10. With A Little Help From My Friends
11. I Heared It Through The Grapevine
12. Wichita Lineman


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this one

mimida said...

A good place.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, Rosmini was one the great unsung guitarists of the sixties. I saw him on an old episode of "Bonanza", playing a weaselly little villain!

Anonymous said...

Wow I never hear him being a actor but what an inspiration for me as a kid. I saw him at the Gaslight on Mcdougal st. He was wonderful. I wore out a few of his records trying to play like him.
jcampo aka St George

Anonymous said...

I think he did the acting gig as a lark. Pernell "Adam Cartright" Roberts was a big fan and Rosmini played on and arranged his album.

Max said...

Wasn't aware of the short-lived acting career either. Rosmini is certainly a guitarist worthy of emulation & I'm pretty suprised that all his solo releases have been allowed to go out-of-print.

dougb said...

I'm new to blogging, so forgive me if I don't get it right. I own Dick Rosmini's Martin D-28, that he had, Candelario Delgado, Make into a 12 string. There is a picture of him playing it included in the JBL Sessions album. Dick not only influenced most most of the music from the folk era, his effect on popular music seems to be endless. In the years before his passing in 1995 he would visit our store on his way to or from the bank and share stores with us. He was a walking history of popular music. (Because he was there) The most fun is when he would ask to see a guitar and we would get to see and hear him play. I will be selling Dick Rosmini's 12 string guitar, at ebay, I'm sad to say. I will be letting go of an important piece of music history.Here is the link to the ebay auction for Dick Rosmini's 12string I would like to find a caring home for it.

Anonymous said...

It seems the link to download this special music is broken or, the files are gone? Any chance you could fix this? Please email me at: papaloukas at

Unknown said...

If anyone knows of any Rosmini transcriptions (especially 'Little Brown Dog' from his 'Adventures...' album) - please sent my way.
Happy trails and thanks!

Dan (

Heidi (weshner) Wilson said...

Sorry to disappoint but Rosmini was a pedifile.

Unknown said...

Heidi - based on what evidence?!?