Saturday, February 16, 2008

John Wood - Turn Of The Century & I'll Come Back

I must apologize for taking so long between posts but I'm extremely busy with life right now & will continue to be for the next couple months, so don't expect regular posts for a while. I will try to get one up every month--but even that's not a promise.

So what about this record? I guess you could call it "lounge" music. It's certainly instrumental and as the liner notes proclaim"It's not rock, jazz, folk, country, or western." The musical selections include compositions by Herbie Hancock, Burt Bacharach, Riz Ortolani & Joe South (and one original number) and are performed by a trio of keyboards (John Wood), guitar (John Koenig) & drums (John Guerin). The performance is often eerie and sometimes just weird (in a good way). Overall a unpolished (and poorly mixed) gem well worth a listen.

Here's the tracklist:

A1. And I'll Come Back (1:58)
A2. Rose Garden (1:57)
A3. One Teardrop (Una Lagrima) (2:20)
A4. Green, Green, Grass Of Home (2:50)
A5. Till Love Touches Your Life (1:55)
A6. Maiden Voyage (3:05)

B1. She Loves (Her Oleander Tree) (3:14)
B2. A Ray Of Sunshine (Un Rayo De Soil) (2:17)
B3. Alfie (2:35)
B4. (Impressions Of) Throb (5:37)
B5. Love Means (You Never Have To Say You're Sorry) (2:00)

And you can get the music here.