Sunday, February 26, 2012


OK, this may come out of the blue since I haven't posted in a while and the post really shameless whoring for credit, but still I wouldn't recommend this if I didn't think it was a good deal.

I've been focusing more on book scanning and less on copying music, but since I don't own a scanner 1dollarscan has been a big help. I don't think you'll find a cheaper and easier way to scan old books you no longer want on your shelf (not so good for those pricey volumes you want to keep, as they do cut the bindings in order to scan). The price is $1 per 100 pages and you have to pay extra for certain bells & whistles. I would just go with the basic scan. Their standard OCR is not very good and I've found I get better results applying OCR myself (that's optical character recognition, BTW). They do have a pricier OCR option, which I haven't tried.

You can find them online at

Also, I should have a couple music posts coming that someone sent me. I haven't given up on recording & posting my own LPs yet either, but having lost a number of megaupload links I've a little leery to commit to doing it right now (and also really busy).