Thursday, July 31, 2008

Some News & New Releases

Just wanted to let fans of Andy Zwerling and Monte Dunn & Karen Cruz know that the former has a new album and the latter a reissue.
Andy's new record, Hold Up the Sky, is now available from the artist's Web site and you can sample some tracks on his myspace page. Like his previous releases it features some great pop songs done in a variety of pop styles, ranging from a sort of jazz-lounge track to a couple nice indie pop numbers. Lyrically it may be a bit darker but it all fits together well. I recommend it highly.
Also, the Monte Dunn & Karen Cruz has been reissued on Fallout Records, which is the new imprint from the owners of Repertoire Records. However, like Repertoire I suspect Fallout is a bootleg label and doesn't pay any royalties so I'm not in any hurry to take down the rip I posted, which is my usual policy when one of these records gets a CD reissue. I may do so in a month or so or just won't repost when that link expires.
Finally, I'm set-up again to do some recording from vinyl and as I write this I'm copying the Aesop's Fables lp. Expect to see it posted in a week or 2. After that, I'll try and keep up with a new post every month.