Saturday, July 15, 2006

Bobby Jameson - Working (1969)

By request, here's Bobby Jameson's 1969 album Working (released on GRT Records & sadly unavailable on CD). The blog, Palestinian Light Orchestra, recently posted his 1967 album Color Him In and his 1st album, recorded under the name Chris Lucey (Songs of Protest and Anti-Protest) is available on CD from Rev-Ola. Of the 3, the Chris Lucey release is my favorite but all of them are worth a listen--in fact repeated listens.

I'm a little pressed for time so I'll just clue you in to a few good links. If you want a bio, there's one here. The photo above, of Bobby singing Vietnam!, is nicked from a fine Frank Zappa Web site, which also has some good biographical info & the most complete discography I've seen.

Here's s tracklist & list of performers for the Working album lifted from this The Band Web site:

1. Palo Alto (Jameson,R. P.)
2. Norwegian Wood (Lennon,John/McCartney,Paul)
3. I'll Be Your Baby (Dylan,Bob)
4. The Weight (Robertson,Robbie)
5. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (Dylan,Bob)
6. Gentle on My Mind (Hartford,John)
7. Broken Windows (Jameson,R. P.)
8. Singing the Blues (Endsley,M.)
9. Ain't That Lovin' You Baby (Reed,Jimmy)
10. Bout Being Young (Jameson,R. P.)

The players:

Ray Kelley, strings
James Burton, dobro
Mike Deasy, guitar
Red Rhodes, steel guitar
Bobby Jameson, piano
Israel Baker, strings
Ben Benay, guitar/harmonica/arranger
Fred Borkgren, engineer
Bobby Bruce, strings
Roy Catron, horn
Steve Clark, producer
Harold Dickrow, strings
Jesse Ehrlich, strings
Sid Feller, arranger
Toxey French, drums
Nathan Gershman, strings
Jerry Grant
Michael Henderson, arranger
Jim Horn
Richard Hyde
Armand Kaproff, strings
Bill Krudsch, strings
Leonard Malarsky, strings
Ollie Mitchell, horn
Jerry Scheff, bass
Sid Sharp, strings
Tibor Zelig, strings

A great record--once again from the WMUC archives.

Because a number of blogs have been having problems with R-----share removing their posts I've decided to try a different service. I'm not particularly afraid people will want to remove the obscure lp releases I'm posting here but R----share deserves a boycott by bloggers everywhere.

I've also switched back to compressing the files with RAR--if anyone prefers ZIP they can leave a comment. Finally, speaking of comments, if you like the music posted here or have a request for something that's unavailable on cd, please leave one. Some comments would make me happy. Oh, the music is HERE (reposted).


Anonymous said...

Max, you blow my mind. You light my path toward the celestial horizon. Sincerely, Chippy

Anonymous said...

Hello, great Blog...
But impossible to get the entire file !
Only 3 ou 4 songs...
Thanks for the sharing...

Max said...

It works fine for me & the file size is correct--your dl must have been interupted--try it again.

delilah sands said...

do you have any idea where he is now? man I would love if he would resurface. thanks for sharing the "working" album so I can listen to at work now. :)

Max said...

The only information I have on Jameson's current wearabouts comes from the Frank Zappa site I linked to. There's a note there from one of his relatives:

From: Laurie Parker, July 26, 2003
hi.......saw your site as my aunt, bobby's mom, is here and we have been reviewing family history. bobby jameson is very much alive.......still playing music.......

So he was still around in 2003 playing music.

Anonymous said...

Bobby Jameson is alive and well. Check him out on MySpace Music
"Bobby Jameson/Los Angeles" or

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge fan of the Chris Lucey album so getting this is a treasure! Thanks guys. DoctorPepperOz

Anonymous said...


Can you please repost the Jameson Working album, i own his other 2 albums on CD and have been looking for this for a very long time.

all the best


Max said...

Hi Jimmy,
It looks like this is another one for which I don't have the MP3 files. I'll make a request from readers for someone to repost it but it may take a little while.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to a repost!!!

Max said...

I'm afraid I still don't have the files, but will ask again if someone who DLed it could repost.

Popville said...

For anyone arriving here hoping to find a link - it's posted here (as of Mar.09.2010)

Jody said...

As of March 29, that blog has sadly been removed. If anyone has it---will you please repost it? This record would be my dream record if I could only hear the whole thing. So many wonderful musicians on here!!

Guitarist James Burton and bassist Jerry Scheff from Elvis' TCB Band, steel guitarist Red Rhodes (Bert Jansch, Michael Nesmith, Delaney & Bonnie), cellist Ray Kelley (Alice Coltrane, Tom Waits, Harry Nilsson) and drummer Toxey French (The Dillards, Warren Zevon) among many others.


Jody said...

p.s. He has a blog!!

Bobby Jameson said...


Max said...

Thank you, for some great music!

Sir Of Derek said...

aw, balls... none of these here links still work, and the album seems to have gone AWOL in bloggersland!

any chance of seeing it reappear here? 't would certainly make mah day...

Max said...

I'll get it reposted sometime within the next week.

Sir Of Derek said...

you, sir, are a hofficer and a true gentleman. i will keep my peepers peeled and will hold my breath in anticipation!