Friday, March 23, 2007

Andy Zwerling - Spiders in the Night (1971)

Since the last repost I got was so popular (and since it takes a lot of time to rip my own vinyl) I'm going with someone else's rip again this week. Not sure who the anonymous newsgroup poster was, but thank you very much for your effort & for turning me on to AZ.

Andy Zwerling has been around the music biz for a long time as a reviewer (for Rolling Stone), songwriter & (as you can hear on this release) a performer. More recently he's recorded with his sister, Leslie, producing at least one double CD's worth of (apparently) great pop and rock'n'roll that I would love to hear if I could find someplace where it was still for sale. But then again I wish someone would issue this record on CD too!

This 1971 album on the Kama Sutra label features some gentle & beautiful psych-folk songs, most featuring just Andy's voice & acoustic guitar. The lyrics have a slightly mystical bent that at times make them seem a bit dated but generally they retain their original appeal. Lenny Kaye (the rock god of New Brunswick, NJ and the man who brought us garage punk) also appears on this release.

There was a New York Times article on Andy a few years back in which he says, "I got a record deal with Kama Sutra, thanks to my friend Richard Robinson. The label gave me 64 hours to make a record, so I couldn't have done my rock 'n' roll stuff." Instead he went for a more introspective, folky sound and pulled it off quite well. Unfortunately, the record was released just after Kama Sutra got bought out by a bigger fish and the record seems to have been forgotten (by the label, at least) in the shuffle.

SIDE A: Knife-Man/Slicing/Turtles Vs. The Green Ants/It's In The Morning/Spiders In The Night
SIDE B: Sifting Around In A Haze/Words To This Song/Orange Skylights/Branches/Downwaters-Crosswaters

Ripped from vinyl (of course) at 192k & available here. (REPOSTED)


Anonymous said...

Hi Dear Brother Max: I want to thank you because of this post, it's a wonderful record that I Hadn't heard, and thanks again for the david stoughton post, which i only heard it on momo, now it's another era.
I'm looking for some records:
1- Dick campbell - sings where it's at
2 - bernard backman - portrait of man
3- barry gordon - pieces of time

Anonymous said...

This was a TAMARA post

Max said...

I will add those titles to my "look for" list.

And yes I believe it was a Tamara post--a great poster in the 60s & 70s newsgroups--thanks Tamara!

Anonymous said...

Hello Max, I love you!


Anonymous said...

I had this album for years and liked it quite a bit. A few weeks back I realized that I could not lay my hands on it. Any chance you could upload it again? It would be great to hear it!

Let me know if you are looking for anything. I always like to share as long as it does no harm.


Max said...

Hi Mitch,
I'll get it reposted by this weekend--the 2nd link is still working but is over it's dl limit for this month but if by chance I don't get it up by then you can use it come 2/1.

Anonymous said...

Hi Max,

Thanks. There still seems to be a problem with both links. The first is dead and the second still says the dl limit is still over as of 2/2. Seems the provider is not doing a timely cleanup.

I noticed a couple of copies on eBay and will probably grab one if neither works in the this weekend.

Again, if you are looking for anything, let me know. I did not find a 'Requested' section on your site.


Max said...

Hi VinylMitch,

Sorry I've been a little slow reposting this. I have to track down the CD with the mp3s on it & it's been a very busy week. I will try to get it posted Sunday.


Anonymous said...

What Sunday might that be? I'd love that Music too, My brother had that record when we were young and I'd love to add it to my Music files!

Max said...
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Max said...

Sorry I forgot. It will be reposted before the week is out.

Max said...

It's been reposted.

Kasper said...

Any chance at another repost? Thanks!