Thursday, June 28, 2007

Blame Microsoft for the Lack of a Proper Post this Week

I'm still contending with major changes & major screw-ups resulting from a switch from Windows XP to Vista. In addition to the fact that most of the CDs I recorded with previous versions of windows no longer run on my computer, I'm having trouble reinstalling CoolEdit (my software of choice for soundediting--I know it's outdated!). If anyone knows how to enter the serial number for CoolEdit 2000--I have a licensed copy--please let me know.

So enough with the excuses for why I didn't post a record this week--I don't want to leave you without something to listen to--so here is my rip of the opening beatnik jazz poem from the Roger Corman classic Bucket of Blood as performed by Paul Horn and Julian Burton (in the persona of beat poet Maxwell H. Brock).

Life is an obscure hobo, bumming a ride on the omnibus of art!

Burn gas buggies, and whip your sour cream of circumstance and hope.

And go ahead and sleep your bloody heads off.

Creation is, all else is not.

What is not creation is graham crackers.


Anonymous said...

hello, i want to know if you have rip the song from the beatnik folkie that sing in the movie or any info of who he is, please let me know, thank you.

Max said...

The singer was Alex Hassilev
from the group the Limeliters (see I didn't rip either of his performances because he doesn't complete a song in the movie. The first song he sings (the one with the chorus "go down, you murderer do down") is the Ballad of Tim Evans written by Ewan macColl.

Anonymous said...

Hey Max;

Had to drop you a line, being a computer fan since the 70's when I built my first one from scratch. I've had Vista for a few months - installed it, ran benchmarks against Xp, and went back to Xp. Vista is a resource hog, and not so hot for setting up. I'll wait till Sp2 for Vista comes out, then maybe....Vista reminds me of my old drag racing days, when a guy would appear with a "No Go Showboat" - a car that looked real good, but ran like it had a trunkfull of lead. Love your blog, geep up the good music.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your music posts. microsoft sux! everything they do is for profit & not for user ease.

bongolong said...

If I remember correctly to enter your CoolEdit 2000 serial number, click on "Help" and you should find it there. Since upgrading to Adobe Audition (Adobe bought CoolEdit) I've removed the program, so not sure if that is correct.

I too used CoolEdit 2000 for many years, great program!!

Max said...

Thanks bongonlong--I actually did figure this out--what's needed is a small program that allows you to unlock the software & it turned out I did have a copy.