Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bill Tinker - Inside Out! (Tower, 1968)

I'll keep this post short since I don't know much about Mr. Tinker. I'm pretty sure that this is his only release, at least under the Tinker name. I have some suspicions, though, that that isn't his given name since there's a liner not on the back of the LP that is either written by "E. Greenburg" or written to thank "E. Greenburg" (the last line is "Thank you E. Greenburg"). But perhaps I'm reading too much into that.
Tinker wrote most of the material ("Silver Love Line" and "Midway" are by Paul McNeil), sang, and, if the photo on the back cover is to be believed presumably played piano and guitar. "Man From Birmingham" was released as the single. The records is a nice, albeit somewhat typical, late-60's pop outing with some semi-psychedelic lyrics, a dash of country twang, a little bit of current events, some harmonica, and melodies that are pleasant if not particularly memorable. I like it and hopefully you will as well.
Here's a tracklist:
1. An Everday Thing
2. Again, Again
3. Midway
4. Man from Birmingham
5. Silver Love Line
6. Anything You Ask
7. You Could Get High
8. A Very Ordinary Man
9. Dee Anne
10. Son
Play it again here.


Anonymous said...

Listening to this alum righ now on my Ipod (without Europe volume limit restriction) and it is great music,superb production,shame that there are no background vocals,but who cares,Tower was great label,I guess Mike Curb was in charge.

Thank you!

Caravatti said...

Congratulations for your blog.
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Anonymous said...

Lovely LP ;-)

Bill Tinker said...

Hey -- thanks for putting the post up of my album "Inside Out." I never knew it existed until today. I'm a lawyer now, living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but, cutting this album was pretty cool. I was on the Tower label at the same time Pink Floyd was on it - in the 1968 to 1971 era. I still play music -- in a band called the Woodpeckers -- we play occasionally with Bobby Keys - sax player for the Rolling Stones.
Thanks again,
Bill Tinker

Max said...

Thank you for the album. It's a shame that whoever has the rights has never released it on CD, but at least people can hear it here.

Alex said...

this looks very interesting but all the links are invalid. could anyone repost this?
thank you!

perf said...

Sad to say that Bill Tinker passed away August 25th, 2014 in Albuquerque, NM. He lived a grand adventure. He will be missed

Anonymous said...

Hello, can you please re-upload this album from Tinkler?

Anonymous said...

I am Bill Tinkers son he loved doing this record however he told me that tower/capitol treated him poorly. I appreciate all the comments left here. he was 23 when he made this album and my best friend and father until 2014. Enjoy