Friday, May 15, 2009

John Blair - Mystical Soul (1971)

Some time ago I mentioned that I had this record but decided not to post it because it was up on another blog (headfonehaus) that is sadly gone. The recording that I'm posting here comes from that site, since mine was lost when my hard drive crashed. I hope headfone won't mind--props to him.

I'm posting this in response to a blog reader request. So here and here you can hear John Blair's 1st album Mystical Soul released in 1971 on the A&R label. John Franklin Ellington Blair (his full name & yes he was supposedly related to the aristocratic Ellington) was (he passed away in 2006) a singer, violinst, martial artist, poet & inventor of the "Vitar" (a combination acoustical guitar and violin). He put out 3 albums of his own unique mix of jazz, soul, and pop-rock music and this is his first. You can hear his 3rd album, We Belong Together, over at the My Jazz World blog. The album features some nice covers (Burt Bacharach, Beatles, etc.) and fine original numbers. I hope you'll enjoy it. I certainly did.

I hope to be back in a couple weeks with a post of an excellent folk record from Seraffyn, the Last Great Troubador.


Anonymous said...

thanks letting discovering me this

Anonymous said...


turgut said...

SilverainTR is back on blogger!
May you add the link ?

Guldhamstern said...

Hi, I have a modest and humble request, or two.

Patrick Sky - Two Steps Forward, One Step back.
And Through a Window by the same artist.

But well I like your blog anyhow, thank you.

JackRamon said...


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Max said...

Glad people like the post. I don't have either of those Patrick Sky records but will keep an eye out for them.

Anonymous said...

John Blair was not related to Duke Ellington; that was a fiction.

A talented man. In a lot of ways a sad story.

Thanks for making this available.

Sacred Cowboy said...

The rapidshare link for this was only good for ten downloads and is used up, and the badongo link doesn't seem to be working. Any chance of a re-post?

Great blog, by the way.

Max said...

The Badongo worked for me but I've noticed they have periods when they seem to be out. I'll repost it on rapidshare.

DLTaylor said...

It is unfortunate that I have to find his music after his death. I grew up listening to him, My favorite album was Mystical Soul. He will sadly be missed.Rest in peace DLTaylor

Spice said...

Here's my rip and pictures from a sealed copy:

Rest in peace John.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! I love it!
Unfortunatelly the second link are dead.
...fucking Rapidshare

Thanks so much from Brazil!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Please, sorry me about my post (i'm the Brazilian guy) I think that are two parts of the album.

The Badongo link is OK!

Thanks too for the Spice above. In your blog I can see it!

Thank you friends!