Wednesday, February 10, 2010

On Vacation

Just a quick update. Actually, I'm not on vacation, although I did get to spend a few days in a hotel while our heat and electricity were off. Now I'm back home buried under 3 feet of snow.

Anyway, it's been a busy winter and I haven't had the energy to post some new music. If you regularly check the blog I'd say come back when Spring arrives--I hope to have another post up sometime in April.

Until then, check the links. I will continue to (slowly) update them and eliminate the dead ones.

Happy new year and all that.


Sakalli said...

I've moved my blog to a new address (since the old one was shut down):

Can you please update the link on your web site?

Thanks in advance.

Max said...

I updated the link. Sorry if you asked before & I didn't--I thought I had.

OldrockerBR said...


Please update new address for PHROCK Blog in your bloglist:

Thanks a lot!


MusicStation said...

Hello! Welcome in our new place :
Jancy.Dmitrich (Wings of Dream)
and correct our links,please.

João Pereira said...


sem querer incomodar... aqui fica o novo endereço do BeRbEqUiM:

Continuação de um bom trabalho.


João Pereira

Dexx said...


Can you update the link to Lagrima Psicodelica???


Anonymous said...

Why is the pedophile anal stalker and fake "Rab Hines" still permitted to post here?


His "blog" has committed suicide (it's true!), and he became one of the most despised and most hated "men" on the jazz blogger scene.

Erase him from your blog, and your life would be free, and easy again; or you will be counted to the handful of "friends" and bootlickers of the characterless sod who are left.