Saturday, November 25, 2006

"Click" Horning - Click (1969)

Looks like this is now available on CD from the artist himself, along with some of his other releases. Check here or here.

Because of that I will be taking down the link for this one.

A bad case of carpal tunnel and a busy weekend is going to keep this post on the short and sweet side. Short, because if you want to find out more about Click Horning I'm just going to refer you to his web site. Sweet, because once again I present a sweet piece of pop music for your entertainment. There are some nice folk and psych influences, and even some sitar (the cut Many Times Jimbo, the best here IMHO, appeared on one of the Electric Sitar Headswirlers compilations). File no longer available--see above for info on purchasing the CD. Click is still performing in the New Hampshire area.


Anonymous said...

Cool blog....nice vinyl posts. Any chance of posting the 1973 self titled Barry Goldberg LP (Atco).

Anonymous said...

Nice album, better than I expected. Kind of like an American Donovan, when he's doing his jazzy stuff. A keeper.

Max said...

Glad you like the album/blog. As for the Barry Goldberg, I'll keep an eye out for it but don't have it right now.

Anonymous said...

You are posting very rare and beautiful albums.Thanks so much!
I`ll give you a list of albums that I`ve been serching for a while,so if you have some of them it would be great.They are so rare.
Your Gang - Your Gang (1967),
Don Agrati - Homegrown (1973),
Stuart Margolin - And The Angel Sings (1970),
Dick Campbell - Sings Where It`s At (1967),
Mike Deasy - Letters To My Head (1973),
Mark & Sumley - Nice Things (1968),
Unusual We - Unusual We (1969),
Susan Jacks - Dreams (1973).
All these albums are not reissued on cd.
Keep up the good work and best wishes!

Max said...

I may have a line on the Mike Deasy but won't know for certain until next month, I'll keep an eye out for the others as well.

Anonymous said...

Today is my first visit to your site- it is wonderful because your posts are very unique. I will come back- and promise to give feedback. Thank-you!

Anonymous said...

I really like this album and I thank you for turning me on to it. It's a really sweet album and the dude has a good voice. Nice production by Tom Wilson.

If you have the time could you please post the back cover jpg? Please! I am curious to see what the back cover looks like.

Was this really on the ABC label? I wonder what other lost treasures are on ABC?

I am sure two years from some now some English dude will discover this album and then either Rev-Ola or the bootleg label Radioactive will reissue it and then many fake hipsets will pretend as if they have known about this Click album for years. So, two years from now, expect to read quotes from douchebags like Thurston Moore and Ben Casey about how the song "Many Times Jimbo" changed their lives.

and then also expect to read about how Thurston Moore knew a guy who was the former ex-roomate of Click Horning cousin back in 1969 who gave him a free copy of this album in 1981.

But even when it does get reissue and all of the plastic hype media jump on it, all of us here will know that it was good old Max in Maryland who turned a handful of us on to this.

Thanks again Max. Your blog rocks!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for sharing this. Jimbo is my favorite track too, hypnotic and strange.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Click has been one of my favorites since I found it in a cut-out bin ~1974. I haven't had the time to convert from LP to digital, so this is a real treat, plus your copy is cleaner!

Crazy Hannah should've been a hit. What a treat - thanks again!

Max said...

Looks like Click is now selling this on CD, so I will be taking down the links here:

Anonymous said...

you can also get the Click CD here:

with all of the money going directly to Click himself.

Festus Von Gunsmoke said...

The Stuart Margolin LP is now available here:


Anonymous said...

Sorry to bother, but I really like your review about this record from Click, and I was wondering if you can reupload it because It's a pain to find it, and I've tried everything, in vain... Thanks

Max said...

Hi Tim,
The 2nd link posted above still seems to be working:
The CD is $20 post paid from Click.
Sorry, I take down posts when they become available on CD especially, as in this case, when the CD is available directly from the artist.

Anonymous said...

Tried to order this cd from Clifford Horning and it's been a month and he hasn'r even shipped & gotten back with me on it, asking for money back. Does anyone know where I can get a cd of this or can send a rip to Any help would be appreciated. thanks!