Saturday, January 27, 2007

Plaster Caster Blues Band - ST (1969)

Some of the records I post here are unjustifiably obscure, while others are just obscure--this one falls into the latter category. However, once again I didn't have time to rip a new record (it takes time once you take into account the de-clicking that I have to do) and so have fallen back on a rip I made some time ago and haven't listened to since, probably with good reason. (The record, again, comes from the WMUC library.)

The Plaster Casters, who lend their name but none of their musical talent to this record, were a group of groupies (their has to be a better collective noun than group for groupies but I'm not sure what it is) who were led by Cynthia Plaster Caster and made their name by taking plaster casts of male rock star genitalia. They really have nothing to do with the actual recording, though. Instead what you have here are some generic 60s blues-based rock instrumentals played by a component (if uninspired) group of session peformers that includes some fine blues and r&b players (see line-up below). It fairly groovy, generic rock and blues with harmonica and horns and would have made a component soundtrack to some teen-exploitation film. It doesn't have anything to do with plaster casting or groupies, however. (Though, if you are looking for some songs about groupies, the WFMU blog has a post for you.)

The song titles are fun:

Lanoola Goes Limp, Seven Foot Drummer from Fleetwood Mac, Joint Venture, You Didn't Try to Ball Me (for Frank Zappa), Banks of Barclay, Welcome Hamptons Outstanding, Plaster Caster, Chicago Charva Chapter, Diane's Blue Plate Special, Blues for Big Jimi, Pray Tell Brian.

Here's the line-up:

Bobby Bryant (Trumpet), Arthur Adams (Guitar), Jules Chaiken (Vocals), Max Hardy (Drums), Gildo Mahones (Organ), Gildo Mahones (Piano), Gildo Mahones (Keyboards), Ellen Sander (Vocals), George Harmonica Smith (Harmonica), George Harmonica Smith, Clifford Solomon (Saxophone), Clifford Solomon (Tenor (Vocal)), Bob Thiele (Producer)

Music here.


wonderboy said...

Can you not use mediafire please?
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Don't support them please.

Max said...

Some people have complaints about pretty much every service I've used (except possibly Rapidshare & I have problems with them). I'll try and post things to more than one server. You can also get this album at

Anonymous said...

Thanks 4 The Music!

No Problem with Mediafire here!

I really appreciate your site, have not found time to get my vinyl digital, but I will let you know!

Anonymous said...

Why don´t you fix the links?
I can´t comment in your blog!

Max said...

You just did comment and I'm always happy to repost a link that's down if someone asks, although generally (and this applies in all aspects of life) it helps to ask nicely. "Why don´t you fix the links" doesn't really make me all the sympathetic. That said, I will repost this sometime although pretty much any other request takes precedent.

FEDI said...

could you please reup this link. Recently found out about Gildo Mahones and am pretty curious about this record. Thanks in advance!

Max said...

It's been reposted.

Spike Priggen said...

I posted some video from these sessions on my blog.

psychedeligoat said...

I was just reading comments by others and you have alot of whiners. They obviously don't understand the time it takes to rearrange links.

I do have a suggestion though - for lower quality files use MediaFire
(under 200mb)
and then if you do losslesss stuff just start torrents.
Torrents even the playing field and you can see who is leeching ect.

great site.