Monday, December 24, 2007

Yanoska - Yanoska (1969)

The 1st, eponymous record from Michael Yanoska was released on the Epic label on 1969 and has remained out-of-print since that initial edition. It's a fine record of period folk-rock with some nice melodies played well and pleasing (if not ground-breaking) lyrics sung with conviction and, at times, good humor.

Yanoska had previously recorded an lp as part of the Towne Hall Trio and has released a number of other records since the mid-90s. You can get his newest release from CD Baby here.

Here's the tracklist for this one:
Side A
1.May First
2.23 Years and Back
3.Somethin' I Can't Explain
4.California Sundown Queen
6.To the Castle of Lord Tim
Side B
7.Don't Say Goodbye
8.Annette's Song
9.Go Down East
10.Today I Wrote a Song

Listen to this record here.

For those of you who don't read through the comments...

John Campos, St. George from St. George & Tana, has posted some of his newer musical compositions on Youtube accompanying some bike racing footage.

Sundazed Records has released the first, previously unissued record from Smokey & His Sister--an excellent set of songs as good as the one posted here.

Stay tuned for at least 1 (maybe 2) new posts in January--next up is John Wood's Turn of the Century record released on Ranwood Records.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for LP rip. I got the vinyl!!



Anonymous said...

Great album.

One more record in my wanted lit.

Thank You Max.


Anonymous said...

Great album, thanks for the post!

popcat said...

A very beautiful record. Thanks!

Sakalli said...

My blog was shutdown by blogspot a few weeks ago. I've opened a new blog to post a notice and ask for help. Would be glad if you could update the new link in your sidebar.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this!

Sakalli said...

I moved my blog to, after nearly a month after the fall of the blogspot site.

I'd welcome your help to spread the new blog address across the Internet. Please feel free to remind your friends to update their bookmarks and ask sites you stumble upon to link this site.

Anonymous said...

cool laidback LP. I really dig these laidback psych-folk albums like this one, Peter Kelley, and of course John Phillips classic "Wolfking Of LA".

thanks play it again, max!


Anonymous said...

Just found your site. Thanks for sharing such great music.

Have you ripped Emmitt Rhodes first LP?

Max said...


I do have very specific, albeit self-imposed, rules about what I will and will not post here. Since the Emitt Rhodes record was issued on CD I won't post it. It is a great record though.


Anonymous said...

Is there an way you could repost a link? Looks like it's gone now :(