Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bobby & Laurie - Exposiac (1967)

Bobby Bright & Laurie Allen were an Australian duo who started performing in the beat-pop vein in 1965. Exposiac is their last record and from what I've read is a major departure from their earlier work venturing into country rock territory with some nice psychedelic and pop flourishes as well as a couple tracks that try to capture a Dylanesque sound. Most of the tracks are originals but there are also nice covers of High Noon and Long Black Veil. All-in-all it's a great record from a group that I expect is pretty unknown to American audiences (not sure how well they were distributed in other parts of the world).

The duo broke up soon after this, although they reformed a couple years later (in 1969) and released a couple singles, also in a country vein. As their discography shows, they also put out a few solo releases. Sadly, Laurie Allen passed away in 2002.

Their backup band, the Rondells, included Wayne Duncan [bass], Barry Rogers [rhythm guitar], John Sullivan [rhythm guitar], Roger Treble [lead guitar], and Gary Young [drums, vocals].

Thanks to Micko at the Midoztouch board (you can find the link in the blog list to right of your screen) for supplying this rip. It's a nice high quality variable bit rate rip from vinyl, as always.

Also, note that the ID-tags for the tracks are incorrect but the seperate files are (to the best of my knowledge) labelled correctly. The file also contains one track, I Want Woman, that was recorded for this album but not included on it.

You can get the music here. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for a wonderful blog.
I've got a request.
Anything with Len Chandler, preferably his first record: To Be a Man.

Hope your computer problems will be solved.


Necklaces with name said...

entra en y baja la musica que queres gratis!

micaus said...

I grew up with these guys, as I'm an "old" Aussie. Famous mainly for their hit about a lonely hitchhiker, traveling around the vast expanse of this continent (sort of country rap!!) So thanks for the post, but how in the hell did you come across this??

Anonymous said...

Tagging's a bit off. Amazing find though. trust Micko to turn up something like this.

Anonymous said...

Thankx, beautiful record.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful record (and rare, of course). Thankx.

P said...

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Ahora, rápido, decíme qué es.

David Bruce-Casares said...

Thanks for this luscious treat, Max!

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, but apparently I'm too stupid to find this link. Thanks for hints!

Max said...

The word here in the last line will take you to Sharebee, the dl site--the megaupload link there is still working. Since Sharebee seems filled with malware you can use this link and avoid it: