Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A request and a promise

First, I wanted to let people know I will have another post (although not my own rip) before the month is over. So expect some new music soon & that's a/the promise.

Second, as you are probably aware (if you read my last post) I lost a number of the rips I had previously posted here. Many of these I could get from the blog itself but there are a few that are not available and, in order to repost them, I'm hoping some of you can supply me with copies. The posts I'm looking for are (1) the Sidewalk Swingers, (2) Rosemary Haddad, and (3) Andy Zwerling. If you don't want to post a link in the comments, drop me an email (you can get the address through my blogger profile). Thanks in advance.

Finally, some news on a couple blog-related topics. I recently got my copy of Kathe Green's Run the Length of Your Wildness from Rev-Ola. It sounds great and I suggest you all buy it. The liner notes refer to this blog, although not by name, as the place the Rev-Ola producer 1st came across this great release. It's nice to now we had a hand it getting it rereleased. Bruce Murdoch also has a new CD coming out, although I still am looking for it myself and when I find out where you can get a copy I'll let you know.


Subcomandante Marcos said...

I had a look at the Haddad & Zwerling links, and they can STILL be downloaded if you change the 's1' in the massmirror url to 's2' eg. http://s2.massmirror.com/e50c5c6fc5a7ad3691d4f88aa0a595c4.html

both the zshare & megaupload sublinks are still active in both cases.

Subcomandante Marcos said...

dammit, did I write that correctly? change 's1' to 's2' as the prefix is what I meant.

Max said...

Thanks Marcos & viva la Zapatistas!

Rob said...